Over the past several months I have been working on a project with my colleagues at Kitchen Budapest called Datafizz.

The project focuses on the continuous flow of social data fragments that herald our transitions between online and offline worlds. Each time a person goes comes online or goes offline, servers all over the world are alerted and these simple messages are transmitted to that person’s friends. While most of these transitions are ignored, the project (an interactive sculpture) captures this data in order to expand and dwell within the liminal spaces between our real and virtual worlds.

The sculpture will make its debut at the Tent London Design Festival this week and its virtual and mechanical components are powered at their core by a custom Adium plug-in I recently wrote.

You can become friends with the Datafizz project on Facebook and have your activity incorporated into the exhibit.

There will be more photo and video documentation shortly, as well as access to the open source Adium plug-in I wrote. Stay tuned.

In the mean time, you can find more photos of the development process here.