Microchip PIC

Here is a listing of pic processor resources.


  • PIC16F84 The apparent standard for small gadgets.  It has 18 pins.
  • PIC16F84A The latest version of the most popular starter chip (above).
  • PIC16F628 Another good starter chip.
  • PIC16F87x A Recommended starter chip.
  • PIC16F819, PIC18F252, PIC18F452 Recommended in Physical Computing.


    C (a quick comparison can be found here)

  • Picc Lite ™ A nice free C compiler for Pic.  It has limited fuctionality. (limited free version)
  • CC5X A nice free C compiler. (limited free version)
  • CCS A well-known C compiler.  Somewhat costly.
  • MPLAB C18 A well-known C compiler made by Microchip. (limited free version) .


  • PicBasic A compiler for the PicBasic language.
  • PicBasicPro A compiler for the PicBasic Pro language.


  • Jens' File Editor A free editor that integrates well with various C compilers. (free)

Programmer Software

  • IC-Prog A free programmer. (free)


  • PIC-PG2 An inexpensive serial programmer.
  • EPIC Plus A acclaimed programmer that is moderately priced.


Other Resources