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Why can’t my cell phone be smarter?

  • I want a cell phone that knows where it is.  Good Ubicomp design is all about context right? Most cell phones already have the ability to know where they are (GPS onboard).  The phone should …
    • Allow me to set certain zones (based on coordinates etc) and times of day when the phone will not ring (i.e. in a church, in a classroom, during a meeting on my calendar).
    • to be continued …

ZeroOne / ISEA 2006

I will be attending the ZeroOne / ISEA 2006 conference in San Jose, California this year.

ISEA 2006 Poster

I just purchased airfare to San Jose for the ZeroOne/ISEA 2006 conference. I will be reporting on the trip as it progresses.

There are a number of events, meetings, parties and gatherings that I look forward to being a part of. More later …

Now Showing at the Fallout Art Festival

Both Walking (2006) and 27 May, 2003 will be showing at the Fallout Urban Art Festival hosted by the Fallout Urban Art Center from 22 July, 2003 through the end of August. An opening reception will be held Friday night, July 21st, 2006.


Stephen Eakin and I are working on a project for the Scarecrows on Parade project at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.  We have decided that our design will be informed by the traditional Klopotec.  For further discussion, see Stephen’s posts (1) (2).

SFN 2006 Abstract Accepted

An abstract I recently coauthored was submitted to the 2006 Society of Neuroscience conference. Much of the research I contributed was carried out at the CNL while I was working on my Masters of Biomedical Engineering at the BML with my brilliant advisor, Peter Steinmetz.

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Here are a few ideas that Laura and I talked about last night. Each of the cases is made out of glass or some other clear material and is partially full of earth. Text and other graphics would activate the upper portion of the glass cases — perhaps at times emerging from the earth.

Initial ArtsMosis Renderings



Here are some initial 3D renderings for our Urban Echo. They are rough and will be cleaned as needed later. Part of the purpose of this exercise was to learn Google Sketchup and Google Earth. Both are now freely available for Mac and Windows. These tools are extremely useful tools for planning and rendering projects. Sketchup is also useful for designing small parts and pieces for machines such as our new laser cutter.

The geometry of the Barker Dance center proved difficult to model with no prior experience. I was able to apply the basic textures by fitting some images I captured several days ago. Unfortunately, I did not have images of the entire dance center and art buildings.

ArtsMosis Grant Acquired

We were informed that our grant proposal for ArtsMosis 2006 was accepted and funded. Now we just need to pull a team together to make it happen.

I am currently researching the benefits/problems with our original projection idea — particular the resusability of the structures and the long term disadvantages of projectors.