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Blast from the past

In a past life, I did Epilepsy Research.

Emerging Digerati

I will be presenting some recent work at the next Emerging Digerati symposium.

I’ll be talking about MyMap, my Patent Database Visualization studies, and the upcoming Urban Echo installation at the MMAA.

April 2 , 2007
Weisman Art Museum
5:30 – 6:00 PM Reception
6:00 – 7:30 PM Showcases
(a map)

… previously
… in the future

Patent Database Visualization

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I recently developed an application for interactive patent database visualization and navigation. It’s still in progress but I thought I’d post a couple screen shots. It’s the standard mass/spring ball/stick network visualzation, which isn’t terribly intuituve or efficient, but it’s a start. This interactive program is written in Processing and uses various online patent databases.

Currently it allows several interesting group selection operations including tag cloud generation, date, inventor and class-based organization.

I’ll post more pictures and an online demo soon.

Earth Day, 2007 “Wishes for the Sky”


Please stop by Harriet Island (a map) on Earth Day, Sunday 22 April, 2007 for the “Wishes for the Sky” community art event. I’ll be working to facilitate the broadcast and recording of individuals’ wishes with Mary-Ellen Childs. For more information, visit

Urban Echo @ the MMAA

Urban Echo will be up at the MMAA (Minnesota Museum of American Artists) in Saint Paul, MN for several months beginning on April 14th. Take a look at the Sound in Art / Art in Sound page for more information. Or, you can read the press release.

We are asking participants to respond to the the following questions:

“What do you hear?” or “What do you want others to hear?”

You can respond by sending a sending a text or voice message to 612-501-2598. Please include your zip code in your text or voice message.