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Assistant Rapporteur

Throughout the ISEA Symposium, Thomas Asmuth (a researcher in the CADRE Laboratory for New Media) and I will be assisting Edward Shanken carry out his duties as ISEA Symposium Rapporteur. We will be moderating online conversations and adminstrating a wiki, which can be found here: The real activity will begin on Wednesday when the Symposium kicks off. Stop by and have a look.

ZeroOne / ISEA 2006

I will be attending the ZeroOne / ISEA 2006 conference in San Jose, California this year.

ISEA 2006 Poster

I just purchased airfare to San Jose for the ZeroOne/ISEA 2006 conference. I will be reporting on the trip as it progresses.

There are a number of events, meetings, parties and gatherings that I look forward to being a part of. More later …