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Sneak Preview

Duets Collab

R. Justin Stewart and I are currently working on a collaborative study that takes its cues from architecture, sculpture and design. We will be presenting the work sometime in mid-May (more specifics later). For now, a photo from our 4th round of experiments last night.

See the project page.

Earth Day, 2007 “Wishes for the Sky”


Please stop by Harriet Island (a map) on Earth Day, Sunday 22 April, 2007 for the “Wishes for the Sky” community art event. I’ll be working to facilitate the broadcast and recording of individuals’ wishes with Mary-Ellen Childs. For more information, visit

Thought Bubbles

A tiny image for your delight.
I have been working on some thought bubbles for use in real-time projections. I’ve written my initial sketches with Processing. You can find an example here.

Urban Echo


Urban Echo (working title)
ArtsMosis 2006 Project Proposal

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Emotive Faces and the News


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