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20/20 Talk at AIGA Conference 2007

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I’m at the AIGA Design Conference in Denver this weekend. Tonight I will be sharing my 60 second vision of what is coming “Next”. Simply put, I think it will be Architecturally-integrated urban screens.

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Daytime FaçadePlanning and SketchesInstallation, Projector StitchingDirectFaçadeThrough a Window

Here are links to projects referenced in the talk.

Urban Echo (Past Iterations, Other Facades, etc) by Christopher Baker, J. Anthony Allen and Laura Baker
Duality by ART+COM
de Pong Gameâ„¢ by BNJMNâ„¢ GAULON
Light Sculptures by ANTIVJ
Interactive Architecture by Graffiti Research Lab
Augmented Sculpture v 1.0 by Pablo Valbuena
Kunsthuas Graz by Realities:United Architects
TXTual Healing by Paul Notzold
Pixile by ENESS

Here are some links to my other recent projects …

Every Toy

Patent Database Visualization

Hvad hører du nu? Urban Echo in København

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Composer J. Anthony Allen and I are currently showing the latest edition of Urban Echo in Copenhagen for the ICMC conference. While our original desire to creatively reflect and transmit the desires and thoughts of local city-dwellers has remained, each new location has suggested a different approach. The installation in the courtyard of Huset i Magstræde in downtown Copenhagen is no exception. In this latest installment, J. Allen and I have tightly coupled the audio and visual components and worked to make the projections more “sensitive” to their façade. For example, when text and images are moving about, they respond to the presence of architectural features such as doors and windows by avoiding or bouncing off of them. A quick look at the images or video will make this a bit clearer.

We will be showing this through the end of the week. The sound components run all day and the video components run from dusk until around 10pm. If you want to participate, respond via voice or text message to:

+45 50 50 44 08

It’s a Danish number, but international text messages are pretty cheap. So go for it!

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Urban Echo in Copenhagen

CopenhagenJ. Anthony Allen and I just received an invitation to install Urban Echo in Copenhagen, Denmark during the International Computer Music Conference in late August.

Each time we have shown this piece (we’re currently on number three at the MMAA), it has taken a different form. We look forward to reimagining the piece for a new audience in Copenhagen.

We are also investigating sources for travel funding. If anyone knows of any sources, let us know. More later …

Sound in Art | Art in Sound Family Art Day

Sound in Art | Art in Sound Family Art Day @ the MMAA
Sunday, May 20, 2007, 1-5pm
Free Admission

Play a theremin, interact with sound, and hone your listening skills! Join exhibition artists J. Anthony Allen, Christopher Baker and Jack Pavlik, and circuit bender Scott Deyo for an afternoon of sound exploration.

More info here.

MPR Story

Late last week Chris Roberts from Minnesota Public Radio interviewed a handful of artists about the Sound in Art / Art in Sound exhibition at the MMAA in Saint Paul, MN. J. Anthony Allen and I talked a bit about Urban Echo. The story should air on Morning Edition this Monday 23 April, 2007 sometime between 6:30 – 9:00 AM. I’ll post a link to the story as soon as they make one. Tune in to 91.1 FM if you are within earshot of MPR. Check here or here for a nice coverage map.

23 April, 07 UPDATE: Find the story and images here (and please note, the curator’s name is Theresa Downing, not Theresa Downham).

Urban Echo (Live)

You can find the Urban Echo (Live) version here. It is still under construction, but there is a bit to enjoy.

Urban Echo @ the MMAA Opening This Saturday!

Urban Echo @ the MMAA

Urban Echo will be opening at the MMAA on Saturday night, 14 April, 2007. The party will run from 7-10pm and all are invited to attend. Please go here or here for more specifics and info.

In the mean time, please please please contribute to the project before the openeing. Instructions can be found here. C’mon, go for it.

Emerging Digerati

I will be presenting some recent work at the next Emerging Digerati symposium.

I’ll be talking about MyMap, my Patent Database Visualization studies, and the upcoming Urban Echo installation at the MMAA.

April 2 , 2007
Weisman Art Museum
5:30 – 6:00 PM Reception
6:00 – 7:30 PM Showcases
(a map)

… previously
… in the future

Urban Echo @ the MMAA

Urban Echo will be up at the MMAA (Minnesota Museum of American Artists) in Saint Paul, MN for several months beginning on April 14th. Take a look at the Sound in Art / Art in Sound page for more information. Or, you can read the press release.

We are asking participants to respond to the the following questions:

“What do you hear?” or “What do you want others to hear?”

You can respond by sending a sending a text or voice message to 612-501-2598. Please include your zip code in your text or voice message.

Urban Echo @ the Spark Festival

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So, after a very long week, sheets and sheets of frosted window film, hundreds of lines of code, and help from some great people, the new Urban Echo interactive façade is complete. The interactive artwork will be running after sunset on the front of the Regis Center for Art on the UofM West Bank during the Spark Festival.

You can send your text messages to 612-501-2598. Or come by and participate in person. We are broadcasting the sound outside too you know …