Highlights and thoughts from the second day of the Flashbelt conference:

Tim Armato: Tim presented a brief introduction to Processing. He encouraged attendees to approach Processing playfully. It was good to see the not-a-flash-killer project represented.

Mario Klingemann: Mario presented an interesting piece of software designed to generatively create unique images by examining and responding to salient image features (i.e. line orientation, grayscale levels, cross-correlation, symmetry, etc.). While interesting, it wasn’t clear why he chose to implement the app and its heavy algorithms (e.g. the Hough Transform) in AS3. To me, the final images he produced made me think of the Neue Sachlichkeit movement (e.g. New Objectivity, particularly the work of Max Beckmann. Of course others might disagree, but his images had an unexpectedly rich texture. Interestingly, he sent the digital paintings off to a company in China where they were painted in oil for him.